The Adirondack Shack Inn Celebrates a Decade of Hospitality





The Adirondack Shack Inn is a seasonal cottage built in 1955. The property has been managed by Doris Rorick for nearly a decade, and she has a lifetime of memories packed in that time span. “I've had the pleasure of living in the home for 9 years now,” said Rorick. Located at 1050 Raquette River Road in South Colton, New York, Rorick gave it the name “Adirondack Shack Inn'” based on its location and character. It's located in the Adirondacks off the 174-mile-long Raquette River and has 27 hydroelectric plants owned by Niagra Mohawk.


The Adirondack Shack InnThe lake is known for boating, camping, great fishing, canoeing, kayaking, trails, and waterfalls. “It's beautiful,” said Rorick. “The other side of the reservoir is State land, so It'll never be over populated with homes.” The Adirondack Shack Inn’ sits on over half an acre, but according to Rorick, it feels like you're in the middle of the forest with trees on three sides of the property. “I love the fact that there's hardly any boat traffic, she said.” “It's very quiet and rural, yet close enough for gas and supplies.”


There are two college towns within 22 miles. In Potsdam there's Clarkson University and SUNY Potsdam which is a State University. Potsdam is a small and very quaint village. Canton is a little closer and looks like the village came right out of a storybook. It has two campuses, SUNY Canton College and Saint Lawrence University.


“When I first walked into the home it was love at first sight,” said Rorick. “I couldn't take my eyes off the view of the water from the wall of windows that run along the entire lakeside. Whenever I walk into my home I still find myself pausing at the view, and it really just melts the stresses of everyday life right out of me. I hear myself letting out a deep breath, and I instantly relax. No matter where I am on the property or on the lake I see the beauty of nature all around me, and time seems to slow down and unwind.”


It’s common to see deer meandering through the property nearly everyday. In the spring and fall you'll spot turkeys crossing the road. Friendly chipmunks are greeting visitors, and woodpeckers and the call of the loons echo across the lake. Rorick, originally a Californian, has learned a slower pace of life here.  “This is just so heavenly.”


The cottage had to be remodeled after a pipe had burst from the previous winter, nobody heard the water leaking. Overnight it turned into a waterfall and stayed running for a couple of days. By the time Rorick got there the entire house was a lake itself. It affected all but the master bedroom. The drywall all had to be removed. The entire kitchen cabinets were ruined. Luckily most was covered by insurance, but $30,000 extra was put in for upgrades. “It was worth it,” said Rorick. The entire kitchen was redone and looks lovely with hickory cabinets that seem to belong there. I found Rob Murray, a great contractor who really pays attention to detail.” Pine walls and ceilings were added in one room while older wood panels were removed and new drywall added to the other. The gorgeous pine in the living room was ruined as well and had to be completely redone. “My contractor did a good job blending the stain to match the living room beams and pine ceiling. The restroom is redone as well. Now I'm really in love with the cottage.”


Rorick and many of her happy guests enjoy sitting on the deck with a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening. Big bon fires can be seen blazing at the lake's edge. Rorick has a pontoon boat she takes out on the water most days to fish, enjoy the beauty of nature, take a dip in the lake, and even do sunset barbecues with friends. The fall colors are magnificent in the Adirondacks. “I know a few trees on the lake that start to repaint themselves early.” As soon as Rorick sees a tinge of color in those trees she knows that in a few weeks the colors will start to change everywhere else. “I get so anxious for the rest to change.”


Rorick moved from the cabin to Texas a year and a half ago to be closer to her children and “grand-girlies.” “Boy, do I miss my place,” she said. After moving she really hated the thought of selling her place on the lake, so she looked into renting it out as a vacation home so that others can enjoy the beauty of Rainbow Falls and all that it has to offer. She had fun coming up with the name with her youngest daughter, Brandy. “It's kind of catchy. My guests and I call it the "Shack" for short.” It's anything but a shack. The Adirondack Shack Inn’ is not just a camp, it's a home, and Rorick takes pride in spoiling her vacationers. It's decorated in a lodge style with art that she’s picked up at charity events. “I have all the conveniences of home because everything I own and use is there. I make sure my guests have supplies that I know I usually forget when I'm renting out a vacation home myself.” Coffee, bath tissue, paper towels, napkins, and a cabinet full of spices fill the cabinets and drawers. Last year she purchased connecting inner tubes and floats for her guests. 


Rorick was there this year opening and preparing the Shack for two weeks. The cabin color was green but it's now in the process of being painted in craftsman colors of dark tan with blue trim. This year she bought a floating island with a partial shade cover for extra fun in the water. Most of her guests tell her that they spend many of their days swimming in the lake and bon fires at night. She supplies all the wood. Also, this year she purchased a washing machine. The water is pumped from the lake and really takes a toll on washing machines but it was needed. “I had a family stay for two weeks last year and it just made sense to have one especially for week long stays.”


“I was really surprised at how well the cottage did as a vacation rental. Last year it booked for most of the time it was open. This year I already have over a month of bookings. I'm really glad to share my little piece of heaven with others where they can unwind and enjoy their stay. I'm lucky to have found an ex coworker who is reliable and trustworthy; she is a godsend."


The Adirondack Shack Inn’ has a 3-day minimum for renting the cottage. Rates vary from month to month; May is usually a bit lower starting at $209 this year. Summer is great for boating and swimming with the rates starting at $269. Fall is incredible with the rates at $350 for each night. Most of Rorick’s bookings are from out of state with people coming from the other side of the country to stay at the Adirondack Shack Inn.’  View Rorick's posting for the Adirondack Shack Inn' at