Shoreline Erosion Techniques: Biologs


Shoreline erosion practices: Biologs

Biologs for Shoreline ErosionBiologs can be a very effective way to help prevent erosion of your lakefront property shoreline, on certain lakes. Biologs are biodegradable and usually made of coconut fibers. They look like a big, long log, and generally they are placed on the lake bed, normally where you would place large boulders to toe a riprap rock wall.
Native lakefront shrubs, trees, and other various plants are planted either right above the biolog or directly in the biolog. It presents a much more natural shoreline, and it's better for some wildlife. The problem with biologs is that they don't work for some lakes that have intense wave action. Larger lakes require greater protection. If you're seeing some erosion to your shoreline on a no wake lake, by all means, please start with the biologs first. You shouldn't have to place a rock wall on your shoreline when you don't have huge boats and jet skis tearing up the lake. But, if you are on a lake that sees a lot of boat traffic and wave pounding due to intense storms, then a biolog may not solve your shoreline erosion problems.
Biologs have become more durable in the past decade. Now their exterior is made of polyehtylene, or a coir twine material, that will not falter during installation. This exterior is photodegradable. Biologs can help stabilize shorelines that are seeing serious erosion issues, but will not entirely solve the problems. I would get a variety of opinions before purchasing this product to secure your shoreline. Talk to someone from your county or state to find out if biologs will be a sufficient choice to preserve your lakefront property.