Wants to Feature Your Home
 is interested in featuring your home on our site's home page for 1 month. We don't just post information about your home to the site, we tell a story about the property. Every lake home has a history, storied past, and personality. We'd like to include quotes from people such as your listing agent, family, friends, or other guests, and certainly from you the homeowner.


We'll touch on a few lake tidbits and dive into the feel and atmosphere of the community. It's a great opportunity to showcase your home if you currently have it listed or are renting it as a vacation house. Display your home in a way it has probably never been marketed. Your Realtor can show consumers she/he is an expert lake home specialist, and no one knows as much about the local lake and community. Your feature story will be Tweeted, posted to our facebook fan page, and posted to our google + page as well. If you're interested in featuring your lake home on in a featured story, please email the editor at